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Full tyre range includes PCR, TBR, OTR in premium, mid and budget brands, enabling us to cover all market segments and client requirements. Extensive knowledge, wide range of products, long-term customer relationships and our focus on productivity. It's our main objective to source and supply the best possible products, in a particular quality brands at the best possible price, so that we can remain competitively priced at all times. A important aspect of our company objectives is to up hold a policy which means that we do not sell just one tyre brand of a particular vehicle but you can be sure that the products we supply has been carefully chosen to match the technical requirements of your vehicles.

Our tyres cater for the complete range of tyre applications from roads to mines. Our clients are local, regional & global. Our focused tyre markets are large independent importers to large international distributors all across Middle East, Asia & Africa and other developing tyre markets.

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